Significant russian restaurant in Moscow City

The highest restaurant in Europe with russian cuisine and breathtaking views is situated in Moscow City.

The restaurant with a panoramic view occupies the 85th floor of the "OKO" skyscraper in Moscow City and it seems to be floating in the air - the space is bright and breathing. The elegant and modern atmosphere of Ruski perfectly corresponds to the spirit of the restaurant, offering its guests traditional russian cuisine from chef Alexander Volkov-Medvedev.

In the heart of the restaurant is a completely open russian cuisine with no analogues. Guests can watch the work of cooks, in whose arsenal, in addition to traditional restaurant equipment, there is a real functioning eight-meter russian oven, created by all the canons of stove art. In this oven cooks are bake bread, ripen soup and porridge, make melted milk.

Ruski boasts the highest Ice bar in the world: here, guests dressed in fur coats, and can drink vodka, biting beluga caviar, behind a bar of ice blocks. For a reminder of the famous russian winter, the ice-bar maintains a constant temperature of -15 ° C, and a cold bluish backlight intensifies the frosty effect.

There is also a spacious children's room. The creators thought about the smallest guests at the construction stage. Three-level, with its own slide and from environmentally friendly children's materials.

"... what attracts his guests to Ruski? The main thing is that there is an incomparable sense of personal possession of Moscow, and the whole world, which joyfully and tickles the soul when you eat kundyums, looking from the height of your position equal to 354 meters to the toy city with cheerful garlands of many kilometers of traffic jams ... " Daria Tsivina," Kommersant".

Ruski детям

Пока вы наслаждаетесь захватывающими видами и блюдами русской кухни, ваши дети смогут провести время в большой детской комнате. Рестораторы подумали о юных посетителях еще на этапе архитектурного проекта - трехъярусное тридцатиметровое помещение оборудовано для проведения тематических мероприятий и кулинарных мастер-классов (есть своя настоящая кухня!).
Каждую субботу и воскресенье с 15.00
Детские программы рассчитаны на четыре часа, но интересные сюжеты и захватывающие истории не отпустят до самой развязки. Над рецептами удовольствия работали лучшие аниматоры города. Интерактивные программы, квесты и представления будут приправлены конкурсами, эстафетами и загадками. А на десерт ребята получат бесплатные снимки от профессионального фотографа.

1st Krasnogvardejsky pr-d, 21 bld 2, 85th floor, EYE skyscraper, Moscow City

+7 (495) 777-71-11

Open: Mon / Tue / Wed / Thu / Sun 12:00 - 00:00, Fri / Sat 12:00 - 02:00